How to Pick the Right Travel Backpack

There are a lot of backpack styles in the market. What tools you needed to measure you in order to choose the right backpack ?

Essentially, very simple and durable backpack is just one of the thing you should consider. The one that it’s gonna wind up and going to tell you how long your spine is from the base of your spine or your c7 vertebrae. The reason why that’s being important because in a structured mag or bag where you’re going to be carrying a lot of weight, you want all the weight to be distributed to your hips as opposed to on your shoulders. What it’s gonna show is essentially where the bottom of the bag is sitting the c7 vertebrae, is the one that sticks out.

The big thing with the backpack is, you want to make sure that when you fitted the bag, you want it to be touching pretty much every point from the bottom of the hip belt all the way up around your shoulders all the way back down. It’s going to wind up, meaning that the bags cannot be falling all over the place when you’ve actually got weight. Good bag brand that’s going to include sizing that separate from the capacity of the bag is the one you should choose.

There are big things that you should consider in choosing bags. You must see in terms of the difference. The most noticeable is really going to be the strap. For men’s straps they have the tendency to sit straighter down the chest as opposed to women’s straps which immediately taper off under the arm. Most women’s straps are basically to accommodate for obviously a woman’s chest, that’s the big difference. Women’s bag are more subtle, they’re going to hip belt and the width of the bag. As for men’s bag, it’s going to be fair bit wider and usually to accommodate broader shoulder.  So take this kind of backpacks as a carry-on which is a right choose for traveling.