Dangers you Encounter in Traveling

Traveling is nice because it is part o f our life. There are times that we really have to go for relaxation so that we can can be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. However, there are times when you encounter unpleasant things that can harm your life. Example is when you will be kidnapped. This is not a new problem in the society. IN fact, kidnapping happens all over the world. However, where there is a strict security, kidnapping becomes a less problem.

Now that there are many terrorist uprising and rebelling against a community, travelers should be very careful. If you are traveling be sure that you  can call out for help anytime. Another problem is the danger in being lost. Of course this is common so when you wander, keep a navigator with you. Another is when you suddenly fall into an accident. There were many news in media that when travelers move to a place by car, they fell into a cliff and all died.

This is very scary for group tours—mass death like SEWOL FERRY DISASTER. This kind of scene is like the reincarnation of TITANIC. What a scary thing. Another danger that you will encounter is when you will be bitten by biters or parasites like leeches. This is why first aid kit is needed in traveling because there are things that you have to do when being wounded. It is necessary for you to be respondent in any danger that you encounter in order not to put your life into nothing.