Where to Travel

The world’s big place is 196 countries and you gonna keep it simple by breaking it down continent by continent.

Europe is the classic destination and it’s jam-packed full of history and culture, nightlife and it’s got it all. More than any continent, Europe’s got a lot different countries in one small area plus a free 90 day tourist visa will get you to 26 countries in three  months. It’s the home of the hostel and it’s super connected. There’s trains, planes, and everything in Europe. A lot of beautiful sceneries that will make you feel amaze is in Europe.

Latin America, there’s beaches to surf,  jungles to explore, mountains to climb from the Amazon to the Andes. Latin America has tons to see from ancient cultures, like the Inca, the Maya, the Aztecs to up and coming places like Brazil. Latin America is on the rise, plus a lot of countries speaks in Spanish which makes it a great place to learn a language while traveling.

US and Canada are home to some of the most famous cities in the world, from New York to Hollywood Vancouver and Miami and plenty places in between. The Americas are all about open spaces, full of national parks and there’s actually more wilderness than in Africa which makes sense when you look at the map because Canada is huge.

Africa, the mother continent is the birthplace of humanity and quite frankly one of the most amazing places on this planet. Africa is huge. It’s bigger than Europe, the US and China combined, which means it’s full of vibrant cultures and some of the best wildlife spotting on the planet. Remember in choosing where to travel, it depends on your interest.

So keep in mind where you have a friend or family where you speak the language where you can practice while your hobbies or where you can learn a new skill.