With Just a Backpack Tour

                                                                       Let’s go backpack!

The time to travel during summer is very good and necessary. Why use a back pack only? When you travel with many stuffs, what will your travel be like? Will it be an enjoyable one or just tiring yourself from carrying lots of stuffs? This is why you should minimize your stuffs by just bringing a backpack with the necessary things only in it like water, towel and your first aid kit.

There are many times that you have to travel with many things but you must find a place where you would leave those stuffs first before going on a journey to a mountain, beach, park or anywhere you want to go.

Actually, when you only have a backpack with you, you will really be a person who is on travel by necessity. The feeling is cool when you just put on a backpack. There is an emotion that being  a traveler should know what to bring first.

At the same time., you can not be traveling without a backpack because there are things that you might bring from your destination or even from your way. It is not necessary how you will be traveling as long as you have a backpack on your shoulder. This applies to male and female travelers. Sometimes, I see travelers with super big backpacks that a 7 year old kid can be put in. Sometimes I wonder what they put on them. This frightened me before thinking that they might be bringing such super bag to catch kids. Just as I said earlier, the stuffs I brought can be brought to a house where it temporarily stay so that it will not be hindrance to to storing things from your journey.